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2017 Bocce Classic XXIII Champions

From left to right; Past Chairman Kevin, Sempre Diritto members Tim. Frank, Chuck, Tony and tournament operations Jim.

For 2018 a new committee will be taking over. It has been a pleasure to serve you the past 11 years. From the continuation of charitable giving to the creation of the Anthony L. Sorice II, Bocce Classic Scholarship, your efforts have helped the committee raise over $140,000 for this purpose.

I would like to thank Eddie "Boom-Boom" Guerriero, chairman emeritus of the Bocce Classic. Past presidents and councils of the John Pirelli Lodge, booth chairpersons: Frank Clement, Mark DaGrossa, John Fantauzzo, Brent Macintosh, Greg Sorice, The Holbrooks, The Doepkers and all of the past booth chairs and their volunteers.
Also, I would like to thank our GarlicFest partners Lisa Grigsby and Steve Milano.

In addition to all of the players, guests, vendors, and advertisers. a big thank you goes to Bob Ross Fiat, Janelle Ross and Bill Klapper. True partners in doing good by doing well in our community.

Finally, I want to thank my wife Kris and daughter Tori for putting up with me for the countless hours that I was away from the family planning and executing the Bocce Classic and GarlicFest.

We are all temporary stewards of this great event started by Ed Guerriero, Pat Mosconi, and Mike Longo. It is time to pass the torch.

All My Best,

Kevin D. Sorice