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2011 Bocce Fall Classic for Multiple Myeloma

Dear Bocce Friends,

I hope that you are able to support this worthy cause. This disease has struck close to home as it has affected members of the Giovanni Pirelli Lodge. Please come out and enjoy a beautiful day of bocce on the Bella Villa grounds to test your luck and your skill. I look forward to seeing you there.


Kevin Sorice
Bocce Classic Chairman

August 15, 2011

The International Myeloma Foundation was founded 20 years ago by Brian Novis who learned of his diagnosis while getting tested for a life insurance policy just prior to getting married to his fiancée Susie Novis. Brian survived about 8 years with the disease and after his death, his wife Suzie and his brother began the IMF to raise awareness of the disease and generate interest and research in finding new and novel treatments for the disease. Since that time, the IMF has become the leading voice to educate patients and families with Multiple Myeloma as well as a driving force in leading research. The IMF is a non-profit organization that is totally supported by donations.

Many names you may know have been stricken with this disease including Geraldine Ferraro, Peter Boyle and local radio personality Steve Kerrigan. Closer to home, at least 2 of our lodge members are currently battling the disease. Based on our snumber of members and the statistical frequency of cancer in general and Multiple Myeloma specifically, we will have at least one more member stricken.

This fundraiser will be a single day event that will raise money for the continued informational and research programs by the IMF. Last year, we were able to deliver over $2,000 to the IMF. I encourage everyone to help battle a disease that seems to be growing in frequency and is incurable at the moment.


Dick and Lisa Bloom

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