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2017 Rules

2017 Bocce Classic Rules

1. A team on the court has 4 players (2 stationed at each end of the court) with each player throwing 2 balls. Players are not allowed to switch ends during a match. A team may have no more than 2 substitute (alternate) players on the team, but with the exception of an injury, only 1 substitute may enter per match, between frames, and must play for the remainder of that match. Requests to play with less than 4 players are subject to the discretion of the Tournament Director, and may only be allowed during pool play.
2. A team must have one player designated as the team captain. The team captain participates in the coin toss and assigns players to their position on the court for the match. The team captain must designate a player as an "end captain" for the end opposite that of the captain. Only the team captain or an end captain may go on the court for measurements. No other players may go beyond the foul line at any time during a match.
3. All 4 team members must be present at the court of play 5 minutes prior to the start of the match. Practice throws are permitted only during this time. A team forfeits the match if they are not ready to begin play more than 5 minutes after the start time.

4. Begin the match with the flip of a coin between the captains of each team. The winner of the coin flip has the first toss of the pallino and chooses the color of the team's balls.
5. Players may step on but not over the proper foul line before releasing the pallino or a bocce ball. (Toe of foot cannot exceed the width of the foul line mark.)
6. If a player's toe exceeds the width of the proper foul line before releasing a ball (bocce or pallino), they will receive one warning. Subsequent fouls will result in nullifying the pallino throw or removal of the thrown bocce ball from play.

7. The pallino is the first ball put into play and is thrown underhand from behind the pointing foul line. The pallino may be bounced off the sideboards.
8. The pallino must end up across the center line, at least 12 inches away from the sideboards, and in front of the foul line on the opposite end of play. If a thrower fails to do this after 2 attempts, the throw goes to other team (but not the first bocce ball throw). If the other team fails to place the pallino into play, the pallino is placed approximately in the center of the hitting foul line at the opposite end of the court in order to speed up play.
9. If a player throws the pallino and/or first ball when other team should throw the pallino, the balls are returned and the frame starts over.
10. Once pallino is in play, the pallino can be knocked anywhere on the court except back over the center line or out of the court (frame ends, play resumes at opposite end, and same team throws the pallino).
11. The initial pallino thrower always throws the first bocce ball (even with 2 failed attempts, see #8 above). All balls are thrown underhand.
12. All bocce balls are thrown from behind the pointing foul line. A player must release the ball while both feet are still behind the foul line.
13. Each subsequent ball is thrown by the team that does NOT have the ball closest to the pallino. A team whose ball ties the opponent's closest ball must throw again. The “IN” team only throws if opponents have thrown all 4 balls. Team members can throw in any order.
14. If a team is unable to determine the IN ball, he/she may call for a measure at any time to determine the closest ball. There is no measuring to determine the 2nd or higher IN ball while other balls remain to be played.
15. If a team concedes the point(s), and the balls in contention do not move, the team that conceded forfeits its right to a measurement and the point(s) are awarded to the other team.
16. If a player throws the wrong color ball, it is replaced with a correct color ball after the ball comes to rest.
17. If a player throws when the other team should throw or throws more than 2 balls, that ball is removed from play.
18. Interference: If a team's legally thrown ball is interfered with while moving by someone or something not on the playing surface before the throw, the ball is returned to be thrown again. If possible, any balls moved by the throw are reset to their approximate original position. If balls are sufficiently moved that the approximate original positions cannot be determined, the frame is replayed. However, if the interference is caused by a team member, the ball is removed from play and the Standard Penalties apply.
19. Resting movement by opposing team: If a team's legally thrown ball is moved (accidentally or intentionally) from its resting position by an opposing player or referee before the points are determined and the end of the frame is declared, it is reset to its approximate original position. If the ball is sufficiently moved that the approximate original position cannot be determined, the offended team has the option to leave the balls as they lay or replay the frame.
20. Resting movement by own team: If a team's legally thrown ball is moved from its resting position (accidentally or intentionally) by a team member, the ball is removed from play. Standard Penalties apply.
21. Resting movement of Pallino: Movement of the pallino by either team will result in a dead frame unless the movement is not inadvertent or the points were not clearly decipherable. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a team’s disqualification or other sanction at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
22. A bocce ball, for whatever reason, that goes out of the court is a dead ball and is removed from play for that frame. If the pallino goes out of the court, a dead frame is declared even if the pallino returns to the court.
23. There is a 30 second time-limit between throws, which allows enough time to request a measurement and resume the game. A second violation by an individual player, after having received a warning from the opposing team after the first violation, results in removal of the unplayed ball from the frame.
24. Footwear must be worn at all times.

25. For the violation of any rule that requires the removal of a bocce ball from play, that ball is immediately removed from play until that frame has been completed. The violation must be called and the ball removed before the next ball is thrown. If the ball is not removed before the next ball is played, the ball remains in play for the rest of the frame.
26. If possible, any balls moved because of the action of the violation ball are reset to their approximate original position. If balls are sufficiently moved that the approximate original positions cannot be determined, the opposing team has the option to leave the balls as they lay or replay the frame.

27. The official score for frame is determined after all 8 balls have been played and measured to the captains' satisfaction. One point is awarded for each ball of a team that is closer to the pallino than the opponent’s closest ball (1 to 4 points).
28. The team that scores in the last frame throws the pallino in the next frame and play continues as above.
29. If each team’s closest balls are tied, no score is made and play continues at the opposite end with the team scoring the point(s) in the previous frame delivering the pallino.
30. The team that first scores 12 points, wins the match in pool play and tournament play until the semi-finals and finals are reached, which are to 16 points.
31. Time limits for matches will be set at the discretion of the Tournament Director, and applied uniformly to all pool and tournament play. If 12 points are not reached by the end of the allotted time, the frame started prior to the end of the time limit is completed, and the team with the most points is declared the winner, or a tie is declared as the case may be. In tournament play, additional frames are played until the tie is broken. A palino may not be held in order to run out the clock and avoid a final frame. If this occurs, the palino must be thrown even after the time expires.
32. Each team captain will sign the official score card after each match. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in a forfeit.
33. Seeding into the 32-team double elimination tournament will be based upon the W-L-T records and then by total points scored, total points against in pool play. A coin flip will break any ties concerning seeding. In the event of inclement weather and/or time constraints, the double elimination tournament may be modified to a single elimination tournament.
34. No outside food or drink. Team(s) will forfeit any/all prize money.
35. Aggressive/abusive behavior or language by a team or its supporters can be cause for removal from the tournament and grounds.
36. Teams will refer all questions and/or rule clarifications to the Tournament Director. All decisions made by the Tournament Director are final.

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