You are hereBocce Classic 2017 Pool Play Schedule

Bocce Classic 2017 Pool Play Schedule

Teams in the 8-11AM pool are:

Allstate Good Hands
Boro Bocce Babes
Cannarozzi Vara-bocce
Classic Four
Dryer Landscaping
Donkey Kong
Gray Guides
Greenhouse Landscaping
Janney Lane Mafia
Kalamazoo Bocce Club
Titan Flooring
United Front

Teams in the 11AM-2PM pool are:

Arrow Wine
Big Al's Italaian Beef
Bocce Balboa
Infinity of Cinc.
Presto Foods(4Kings)
Sempre Diritto
Striebel Dentistry
Target Medical
The Excitable Boys
Tony's Angels

Teams in the 2-5PM pool are:

Bob Ross Italian Supercars
Diekman Home Improvement
Glawe Awnings & Tents
MM & Sons
Mingo Junction
Magnifico Quatro
Rat Pack
Thai 9

Teams in the 5-8PM pool are:

All Balls-No Pallino
Belmont's Finest
Beyers & Friends
Bob Ross Alfa Romeo Fiat
Cicero Adams
Gem City Rollers
On The Go Prints
Possert Construction
Romer's Bar & Grill
Sausage Kings & Pepperettes

The 8-11PM pool will not be necessary and has been eliminated.